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Why Don’t We Use the Word Marijuana Anymore?

Discover the rich history and evolving language of cannabis in our latest blog post. Uncover the origins and racial implications of the term ‘marijuana’ and how the shift to ‘cannabis’ reflects a more inclusive and informed approach. Delve into the cultural significance of cannabis in indigenous traditions, including those of the Cowlitz people, and see how Q’anápsu Dispensary in Ridgefield, Washington, is leading the way in embracing these changes. Join us in exploring the powerful impact of terminology on public perception and the future trends in cannabis language. Visit Q’anápsu to experience the convergence of traditional knowledge and modern cannabis culture.

A History Of Dope Magazine In Washington State

Explore the transformative journey of Dope Magazine in Washington State, a pioneering force in cannabis media. From its inception in 2011 to its strategic merger with High Times, Dope Magazine has played a crucial role in normalizing and advocating for cannabis. This blog delves into the magazine’s evolution, cultural impact, community involvement, and enduring legacy in shaping public perception and education about cannabis. Join us in retracing the steps of this trailblazing publication and discover how its ethos, “Defending Our Plant Everywhere,” continues to resonate in the cannabis community and beyond. 

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