Washington is one of the many states in the US that has legalized the recreational and medical use of cannabis. But how does its cannabis laws compare to the other states? Is weed legal in Washington?

When you’re visiting Washington and you’re interested in trying some cannabis products, you probably have a lot of questions about what’s allowed and what isn’t. Questions that can’t be answered by just doing a search for ‘Dispensary Near Me.’ In this article, we’ll explore the laws and regulations governing cannabis in the Evergreen State.

Overview of Washington’s Cannabis Laws

Washington is one of the few (and one of the first) states in the United States that has legalized the use of cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes. The state’s cannabis laws have evolved significantly over the years, and its current legal framework has been in place since 2012. Washington’s cannabis laws cover the legalization of recreational cannabis, medical cannabis, and possession and consumption of cannabis in the state.

Legalization of Recreational Cannabis in Washington

In 2012, Washington voters approved Initiative 502, which legalized the possession and use of small amounts of cannabis by adults aged 21 and over. Under the law, individuals are allowed to possess up to one ounce of cannabis, 16 ounces of cannabis-infused edibles, 72 ounces of cannabis-infused liquids, and seven grams of cannabis concentrate. The law also allows individuals to grow up to four plants for personal use.

The sale and distribution of recreational cannabis is also legal in Washington, but it is heavily regulated by the state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board. Only licensed retailers are allowed to sell cannabis products, and these retailers are subject to strict regulations regarding packaging, labeling, and testing of their products.

Visitors should always make sure they are purchasing their cannabis from a licensed dispensary. This will ensure not only that they are complying with the law, but that the cannabis they are consuming is safe and will have the intended effects.

Medical Cannabis in Washington

Washington legalized medical cannabis in 1998, making it one of the first states in the country to do so. Under the state’s medical cannabis law, individuals with certain medical conditions can legally use cannabis to alleviate their symptoms.

To qualify for medical cannabis, individuals must obtain a recommendation from a healthcare professional and register with the state’s medical cannabis program. Registered patients are allowed to possess up to three ounces of cannabis, and they can also grow up to six plants for personal use.

The list of qualifying conditions include the following:

  1. Cancer
  2. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
  3. Multiple sclerosis
  4. Epilepsy or other seizure disorders
  5. Spasticity disorders
  6. Intractable pain, defined as pain unrelieved by standard medical treatments and medications
  7. Glaucoma
  8. Crohn’s disease
  9. Hepatitis C with debilitating nausea or intractable pain
  10. Any other medical condition approved by the Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Commission in consultation with the Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery.

Washington State has reciprocity agreements with certain other states, which means that visitors from those states may be able to use their home state’s medical authorization to purchase and use medical cannabis in Washington. As of September 2021, Washington has reciprocity agreements with the following states:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • North Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island

Possession and Consumption of Cannabis in Washington

In Washington, it is legal for adults aged 21 and over to possess and consume small amounts of cannabis for recreational purposes. However, there are some restrictions on where individuals can consume cannabis. It is illegal to consume cannabis in public places, and it is also illegal to consume cannabis while operating a vehicle.

Individuals who violate the state’s cannabis laws can face fines and even imprisonment, depending on the severity of the offense. It is also worth noting that while cannabis is legal in Washington, it is still illegal under federal law. As a result, individuals who possess or use cannabis on federal land or property can still face federal charges. This means you should not bring cannabis with you when visiting our National Parks, like Olympic or North Cascades.

Can You Take Legally Purchased Cannabis With You When You Leave Washington State?

It is illegal to transport cannabis across state lines, even if both the state you are leaving and the state you are traveling to have legalized cannabis. This is because cannabis is still illegal at the federal level in the United States, and federal law supersedes state law.

Even if you are traveling to another state where cannabis is legal, you cannot transport cannabis across state lines. Each state has its own laws and regulations regarding cannabis use, possession, and transportation, and violating these laws can result in serious legal consequences, including fines and imprisonment.

In addition, it is important to note that even within Washington State, it is illegal to transport cannabis outside of the state-licensed system. This means that it is illegal to take cannabis purchased from a licensed dispensary outside of the state or to transport it across state lines.

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In conclusion, Washington State’s cannabis laws are relatively progressive, but it’s important to remember that while cannabis use is permitted, it’s surrounded by a robust legal framework aimed at safe and responsible use. Whether you’re a local, a tourist, or a patient seeking medical cannabis, understanding these laws can help ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

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